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Vintage on Show at Pop-Up Stores

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Vintage Collectibles on Show at Pop-Up Store October 7th

The biggest thrill about being surrounded by vintage goodies is being able to share your love and passion with other equally passionate and interested collectors. Therefore, we are pleased to inform fellow “vintage lovers” we are out and about to share, chat and exchange interesting tid bits about all things vintage and antique.

Saturday and Sunday October 21st (10am-5pm) - 22nd (10am-4pm), we will be at the 27th  Red Deer Christmas Antique Show, Westerner Park There will be over 80 dealers from all over Alberta. If you are a budding collector, have an interest in things your granny owned, or enjoy beautifully made pieces, this is a show that is sure to capture your imagination. 

The show is also a great opportunity to meet the team that make up the family business, La Vogue Vintage. You can take advantage of our combined, 113 years of knowledge and love for the antique and vintage industry.

Additional Christmas Pop-Up Stores

Of course, you could always book some one-on-one time with us by making an appointment to meet us at our office in Crowfoot or our office on MacLeod Trail opposite Chinook Shopping Mall in the south. You will have our undivided attention and we will help you recycle and repair your family heirlooms and make them more wearable and accessible for your busy lifestyle. Drop us an email or call us at 587-390-7222 at our Calgary north office or our Calgary south office 587-952-5051, to make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you, chatting to you and of course hearing your stories. Come share your love for all things antique and vintage.  

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