10ct yellow and white gold diamond and ruby eternity style ladies dress ring.

10ct Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring

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Product Description

10ct yellow and white gold diamond and ruby eternity style ladies dress ring with a raised head into which are prong set in two rows 14 round rubies with an total estimated weight of 0.56ct, and between the 2 rows a further row of 7 x 1 mm round single cut diamonds.

The plain gold 1.5mm-2.5mm tapering flat band flows straight up into solid shoulders and a multi wire pyramid head creating a streamlined ring with a blaze of rubies dramatically contrasting the white of the diamonds.

The rubies have a lively sparkle and are a pale red to pink colour. 

For the person who enjoys wearing their rings every day, the combination of ruby and diamond is ideal.

Date: Vintage, 1980's

Condition: good 

Weight: 2.1 gm 

Size: 6½ USA & Canada; M½ UK & Australia. 

Should an adjustment be required we will try to accommodate your request. Please email erica@lavoguevintage.com to discuss further. 

Did you Know?

  1. About Rubies
    1. Ruby is the birthstone of July, click here to read our blog, Ruby: The King Of Gem Stones. 
    2. An excellent stone for energy. 
    3. On the Moh's scale of hardness, if a diamond is a 10, the hardest substances known to man, Ruby is a 9. 
    4. There are a number of false or misleading names for ruby. Some examples include American Ruby, Arizona Ruby or Californian Ruby, which are all various forms of Garnet.
  2. About Diamonds
    1. The collective name for small diamonds is Melee (pronounced like belly).
    2. Smaller diamonds are readily available and not as rare as larger and more expensive ones.