18ct yellow gold, round cluster earrings diamonds and south-sea cultured pearls.

18ct Gold South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings

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Product Description

18ct yellow gold, ladies round cluster earrings with clip and post backs, set with 24 round brilliant cut diamonds and 12 baguette cut diamonds, J-K in colour and SI2-I1 in clarity, with two, 10.2mm off round, south-sea cultured pearls, white, clean and medium luster and a slight pinkish sheen. 

These magnificent earrings ooze elegance and sophistication. 

For the lady who likes to look beautiful and classy, but does not have time for fuss, these are the prefect accessory. 

Date: Modern

Condition: Excellent

Total Estimated Diamond Weight: 1.00ct

Dimensions: 14.6mm x 17.1mm

Identification Marks: Stamped .750

Did You Know?

  1. Diamonds
    1. The development of the brilliant cut was the study for decades on how best to use the play of light in a stone to give it the optimal play of brightness, fire and scintillation. 
    2. Marcel Tolkowsky (1899-1991), wrote a book published in 1919, Diamond Design, in which he discussed his mathematical study of how light performed within a round brilliant diamond. 
    3. A brilliant cut diamond has 57-58 facets. 
    4. A baguette cut, usually refers to a gemstone cut with the table (the top facing facet) in the shape of a long, narrow rectangle, with four facets step cut on each side. The name baguette is derived from the French word for a long loaf of bread. 
  2. South Sea Pearls
    1. South Sea Pearls are of exceptional quality. 
    2. Larger than the average pearl.
    3. These pearls are formed in the white-lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster.
    4. This oyster is much larger than the oysters that produce Akoya and Freshwater pearls, therefore the pearls tend to be larger, too.