18ct yellow gold wedding band

18ct yellow gold wide wedding band

(CAD) $850.00
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Product Description

18ct yellow gold wedding band consisting of a middle ridged section in a "D-Shape" either side of which is a fine twisted wire with a simple gold band either side of that. 

This multi sectional gold band is 8.7mm wide with the inside being a comfort fit for ease of wear. 

A striking and elegant ring which make a lovely wedding band for the vintage inspired. 

Condition: Excellent 

Weight:  11.7 grams 

Size:  USA & Canada

Should an adjustment be required we will try to accommodate your request. Please email erica@lavoguevintage.com to discuss further.

Identification: Stamped 18K inside the band 


Did You Know? 

  1. Pure gold is a beautiful rich yellow metal worshiped and highly prized by many civilizations throughout history.

  2. Some cultures prefer high carat (22ct) gold  jewellery which is softer yet heavier making it more expensive to purchase particularly as the pieces are usually thicker to  increase durability.

  3. Pure gold is combined or ‘alloyed’ with other metals to add strength, and hardness.

  4. The amount and type of other materials (alloys) added determines the final carat (gold content) of the gold alloy.

  5. 24ct (twenty four carat) gold is pure gold, so all 24 parts are pure gold making it soft, yet extremely durable.

  6. 18ct gold is 18 parts pure gold or 75% pure, hence the 750 stamp found on pieces made from this alloy.

  7. 18ct is strong, beautiful and durable and does not tarnish, corrode or generally react with the wearers skin.

  8. This is an ideal metal alloy for making pieces such as engagement and wedding rings to last a lifetime!