1940's white metal leaf brooch set with 15 round clear and 1 round red paste stones or rhinestones.

1940's Paste or Rhinestone Set Leaf Brooch

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Product Description

1940's white metal leaf brooch set with 15 round clear and 1 round red paste stones or rhinestones. 

The metal work of the leaf has been realistically crafted creating a lifelike leaf complete with surface texture and veins. 

The paste stones are of a good quality and have a lot of scintillation. 

A pretty piece to wear on your coat lapel on a grey dreary day as it is sure to liven your mood. 

Alternatively use it as an accent on your favorite hat for a chic touch.

A C clasp is fitted.  

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 6.5 gm

Dimensions: 45mm x 30mm

Did You Know?

  1. The Popularity of Costume Jewelry
    1. During and immediately after World War II the jewelry industry, like most industries, suffered terribly from war time shortages.
    2. Silver, amongst other metals, was deployed to the war efforts as it was an ideal substitute for tin in soldering, and many other uses. 
    3. Business Week April 17, 1943 explained that despite shortages, jewelry sales soared, "with workers unable to spend money on an automobile, refrigerators or silk skirts, jewelry sales last year hit an all time high of $ 790 000 000. A 30% increase over 1941". 
    4. Costume jewelry became popular in its own right as the middle classes became more affluent and had disposable income, they aspired to have beautiful things. Since not everyone could afford gold and diamonds the costume jewellery industry produced magnificent pieces with fine craftsmanship, style and design, but managed to keep prices lower by using less expensive materials.