19th century shell cameo set in a pinchbeck double frame.

19th Century Shell Cameo Brooch

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Product Description

Late 19th century shell cameo set in a pinchbeck double frame. 

A Roman or Greek goddess is depicted in the cameo with a wreath of flowers and leaves in her hair. 

The cameo is set in a rub round setting with a tube frame immediately around it with another tube frame surrounding that in a wave design. 

A C-clasp is attached at the back. 

Cameos have a classic style to them and can be worn with anything including your favorite denim jacket. 

Date: circa 1880

Condition: Good 

Weight: 11.3 grams

Dimensions: cameo 29mm x 24mm, frame 40mm x 34mm

Did You Know? 

  1. The word cameo refers to a technique of carving away the different coloured layers of stone or shell to create a picture. 
  2. A cameo very often depicts the female head and shoulders, but  subjects can range from mythological characters and historical figures to pastoral scenes. 
  3. The finer the features and detail, the more desirable the cameo.