Vintage hand carved Helmut shell cameo set in a 9ct yellow gold brooch frame

9ct gold and Vintage Hand Carved Helmut Shell Cameo

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Product Description

Vintage hand carved 19th century Helmut shell cameo set in a 9ct yellow gold 20th century brooch frame with a hinged pendant fitting.

The cameo depicts the goddess of the night wearing opium seed heads in her hair, together with the moon and stars and an owl also clutching poppy stems.

The goddess of the day is shown with flowers in her hair with the rays of the sun behind her, together with a spread eagle sitting on a branch.

This cameo depicts a classic 19th century, finely carved, mythological subject.

The hinged pendant fitting enables the cameo to be worn on a chain, or the pin and catch fitting allows the cameo to be worn in the more traditional way as a brooch. 

The classic art of carving cameos today is being replaced by cameos made from a resin, this fact along with the theme of this cameo makes this a highly collectable piece. 

Wear this classical themed cameo as a pendant or on your favorite jacket for a chic look. 

Date: 1880's cameo, 1940's, frame 

Condition: Excellent 

Weight: 12.9 gm

Dimensions:43 x 36 mm