Sterling silver citrine and amethyst flower pendant strung amethyst rondelles.

Amethyst, Citrine and Sterling Silver Necklace

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Product Description

Sterling silver citrine and amethyst flower pendant set with five 5mmx7mm oval citrines six 3mm round amethysts strung onto 3mm amethyst faceted rondelles. 

A pretty and colorful piece with the citrine and amethyst gemstones complimenting each other and the various facets of the stones make sure that this piece catches the light at every turn. 

For a splash of color to brighten up your day this delicately bold necklace is a sure winner. 

A sterling silver lobster clasp is attached. 

Date: modern

Condition: Excellent 

Weight: 8.2 gm

Length: 22.5 cm 

Dimensions: 17.3mm of the pendant

Identification Mark: clasp is stamped 925


Did You Know?

  • Citrine
    1. The name is derived from its lemon yellow color.
    2. The coloring agent is iron. 
    3. If you believe in the power of crystals, citrine is one of the stones for abundance. 
    4. This stone teaches us how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. 
    5. It is a happy and generous stone. 
    6. It has the power to impart joy. 
    7. It carries the power of the sun.
    8. It is a warming and energizing stone.  
  • Amethyst
    1. The name is derived from the Greek word for "not drunken" and it was worn as an amulet against drunkenness. 
    2. Is a powerful and protective stone. 
    3. It is beneficial to the mind helping to calm or stimulate, depending on the situation. 
    4. It helps with emotional centering and dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. 

 For more information about Crystals, have a look at The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.