Set Your New Year Jewellery Resolutions 

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Vintage Pearl Necklaces

Have you set resolutions yet for the year?

Are you battling to set them or keep them?

Well how about we help you set some resolutions you are sure to keep? 

We have listed five simple steps or resolutions for you to consider for 2018. 

They will make your life easier, more enjoyable and save you time and money in the long run. 

Have Claws Checked on All Stone Set Rings

Resolution 1

Have Claws Checked on All Stone Set Rings

You wear your ring everyday and each day it endures a little more wear and tear. 

When last did you have the claws holding your diamond or gemstones in place, checked? 

Make an appointment to chat to Geoff, our jeweller and let him make sure you are not going to lose any stones. 

Have Your Pearls and Beads Restrung

Resolution 2

Have Your Pearls and Beads Restrung

You love your pearls and wear them every opportunity you have, after all they always look so elegant. 

Did you know that the silk or cord used to string pearls and beads stretches over time? 

This causes the silk to wear and eventually break, which could lead to the pearls being lost. 

Chat to Corinne she will give you some sound advise on caring for your pearls.

Turn Your Old Gold into Something You Would Wear

Resolution 3
Turn Your Old Gold into Something You Would Wear

We all have "bits' of jewellery lying around we don't wear. 

Why not turn them into something you can be proud of. 

Have your gold melted down and handmade into a treasure that you will enjoy wearing and you could pass on to

the next generation. 

Have Your Silverware Repaired and Cleaned

Resolution 4
Have Your Silverware Repaired and Cleaned

Is your valued family silverware tucked away in a cupboard gathering dust? 

Its black and maybe in dire need of some repair work. 

Don't worry help is at hand, with a sympathetic clean and restoration you will be able to proudly display

it at your next family gathering. 

Discuss the Future of Heirlooms with the Family

Resolution 5
Discuss the Future of Heirlooms with the Family

All too often we are asked to help dispose of family heirlooms, because no one in the family wants them. 

Have you actually chatted to the family about the pieces? 

Revealed the stories behind them and the memories of relatives wrapped up in an item. 

Don't delay have those discussions today. 

We at La Vogue Vintage, Corinne, Geoff and Erica would be happy to assist advising you on your best course of action when it comes to safeguarding the longevity of your jewellery and family heirlooms.

We can be contacted at 587-390-7222 or email