Something Old... Repurposed Family Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

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Repurposed Family Jewelry to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Repurposed Jewelry to be Worn on a Wedding Day

Growing up in a family with a jeweler as my Father and an antique dealer as my Mother, I was always surrounded by beautifully handcrafted jewelry, furniture and décor items. I developed a great appreciation for the skills required to make such treasures. But I think it was playing with my Nan’s jewelry that I remember most fondly.

My Nan was the quintessential English lady and to me her bedroom was magical. The pale delicate rose patterned wallpaper, the cream carpet with a thick soft pile and the natural light streaming in gave her bedroom an airy, warm and happy feel. The biggest delight was playing on the soft carpet with my Nan’s jewelry box, trying on the necklaces and earrings. My Nan would recount numerous stories of parties and friends which, as we were not living in England, always sounded so exotic. It was these happy hours playing as a child that cemented our relationship and friendship, she became a significant figure in my life. 

Vintage Jewelry Box Filled with Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Box Filled with Vintage Jewelry

Unfortunately, my Nan did not see me graduate from university or indeed get married, but I wear a piece of her jewelry just about every day, keeping her close. One such special day was my wedding day.

The day was so happy, filled with family and close friends, a day my husband and I made a promise to each other witnessed by those who loved us dearly.

As my Nan could not be with us, I took to heart the traditional English rhyme,

“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

The essence of this rhyme was to provide the bride with good luck charms to wear on her wedding day. I incorporated the first four and most popular charms into the jewelry I wore on my special day.

When I graduated my Dad gave me a beautiful striking Victorian garnet pendant, this became my something old and the starting point for my wedding necklace. My Nan had a beautiful long single strand of pearls which were strung onto a Georgian garnet clasp. My Mum lent me these pearls and clasp thus becoming my something borrowed and strung the garnet pendant onto the pearls and clasp. To make the necklace more dramatic, my Dad handmade garnet and gold spacers, this became my something new. 

Bride Wears Family Jewellery Repurposed for Her Special Day

Bride Wears Family Jewellery Repurposed for Her Special Day

My something blue, was my sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which my husband had conspired with my Mum and Dad to have made by my Dad. It was based on the design of an antique ring my Mum knew I had loved as a young girl.

Antique Sapphire and Diamond Ring is the Inspiration for a Handmade Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Antique Sapphire and Diamond Ring is the Inspiration for a Handmade Sapphire and Diamond Ring

I also wanted my husband to have a family treasure to wear on his big day. Many years ago my Mum had given her Father a pair of handmade gold cufflinks my Dad had crafted. When my Grandpa had passed away my Mum had given me the cufflinks with the idea that I could have them made into something I would enjoy wearing, instead I kept them. Many years later my Dad engraved my husband’s initials on these cufflinks and he wore them with his dress shirt at our wedding. I believe my Grandpa joined us on that special day through the energy entwined in the cufflinks.

Handmade 18ct Gold Cufflinks

Handmade 18ct Gold Cufflinks

Although my beautiful wedding, went by in flash and was filled with chatting to so many lovely family and friends, I am truly grateful that I and my husband were wearing something that we could tie back to the most significant people in my life. The energy of the shared memories I had with them and of them, was entwined in the jewelry we were wearing on that auspicious day. They were all there sharing that close and personal connection.

It is the notion of the unique energy of memories that inspires us every day at La Vogue Vintage. We help restore, repair, refurbish and make jewelry, thus adding to the longevity of shared moments of loved ones. For example, we helped a bride add her husband’s grandfather’s tie pin to a watch strap she bought for him to wear on their wedding day. We enabled a brother restore a pin or brooch belonging to his grandmother that he knew his sister wanted to wear on her wedding day. We assisted a mother to repurpose her father’s gold and diamond tie pin and dress stud combination into earrings for her daughter to wear on her wedding day. 

Examples of Family Jewelry Repurposed as Wedding Jewelry

Examples of Jewelry Repurposed by La Vogue Vintage to wear at a Wedding

Do you have a piece of jewellery imbued with memories of your loved one? Is it tucked away in a drawer because you don’t know how to wear it? Talk to us and we can advise you on the best course of action to allow those memories to flourish.

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