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The Novice’s Guide to Collecting Silver vs Silver Plate

A Collection of Vintage Silver and Silver Plated PiecesWhether you collect silver or silver plate is a very personal choice and there are merits to both types of wares. Here are four points to consider when starting to collect. What is the difference between silver and silver plate? Silverware is the term used to describe items of cutlery, [...]

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La Vogue Vintage’s Latest Finds for Sale at the Acadia Vintage Retro & Antiques Show

Table set up at the Edmonton ShowBack from a successful show in Edmonton, we slide into a show in Calgary, while our workshop has been hard at work restoring and repairing our latest finds and treasures. La Vogue Vintage will have these antique, collectable and vintage treasures on display at the Acadia Vintage Retro & Antiques Show, Saturday April 23, 9am [...]

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