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We never truly own jewelry…

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We never truly own jewelry…

Antique and vintage jewellery

If jewelry is well made and cared for it will last for generations.

When we assist our customers to select a piece of jewelry we ask them to be cognisant of the longevity of the piece. We have heard countless stories from people who have inherited pieces and their eyes light up as they share intimate memories of their loved ones. When choosing a piece of jewelry, we believe you should not only think of the enjoyment the piece will give now, but what it will mean for future generations. If jewelry is well made and cared for it will last for decades.

We are often asked to assist families who are having to assess items of jewelry that belonged to a deceased loved one. We suggest that you educate your children and family about your jewelry, tell them about the stories and memories attached to the pieces. Help them understand not only the intrinsic value of the items but the emotional value too. Ideally it would be good to have the jewelry appraised in the name of the eventual recipient, as this will prevent any unnecessary squabbling during the settlement of the estate. Through your education each recipient will understand that they are merely the guardian of the piece for the next generation and they will be able to pass on the intimate stories behind the piece too.

Consider this when purchasing jewelry…

Let price be your guide, shop around and make sure you compare apples with apples. If the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. You should trust your instinct. In our repair and restoration workshop we often see pretty pieces of jewelry brought in for repair when they have been worn for just a few months. Very often these pieces have been bought because the price has been exceptional, and the piece has the right look at the time. But very often these pieces don’t stand the test of normal wear and tear. They are light weight and delicate to keep the price down, but when it comes to repairing the item it is not easy, in some instances impossible. We often see micro settings used for gemstones and diamonds, the stones fall out over time because insufficient metal was used to keep the stones in their setting or we see more and more stones being glued in. There is nothing wrong with these techniques, if the price is right and you are not hoping to wear the piece day in and day out like an engagement ring. These methods of setting are not suitable should you wish your jewelry to survive for the next generation.

Antique and vintage jewellery

Caring for your jewelry

On the point of wearing your jewelry day in and day out, we have a golden rule to ensure your jewelry’s longevity: We suggest you don’t wear your jewelry in the house. Put it on once you are dressed and ready to leave the house. When you come back home go to the same drawer or dressing table and remove your jewelry before you do anything else. Baking, gardening, cleaning and other household chores are not good for your jewelry if you want them to last for generations to come.

We have often heard how people sleep with their jewelry on. Does that mean your partner has to contend with baubles and jingle jangles if they want a little cuddle, or a pearl earring if they want to nibble your ear? Not sure there is any more we can say on this point …..

Thank you for taking the time to find out about our ethos for our online jewelry store. We look forward to answering your questions and queries.

* Our customers are from all over the world and as such we use both versions of the word jewellery or jewelry.

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