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Our Next Pop-Up Stores


We love to get out and meet fellow collectors, jewelry* lovers and those who appreciated beautiful design and craftsmanship. As such we have a few pop-up stores coming up and we want to share the details with you. 

First Canadian Collectors Club Show and Sale Saturday, October 5th

For the budding collector, the treasure hunter, or the art and culture enthusiast, the First Canadian Collectors Club Show and Sale is an event you can't miss out on. Their show occurs twice a year and dealers from around Alberta clamour to get a table. As a visitor you are sure to find some interesting pieces. As from La Vogue Vintage's point of view it enables us to showcase our vintage jewelry within the Calgary community. What you would normally see online or in our showroom, you can now see it at the  Thorncliffe-Greenview Community Hall. We have managed to restore, repair, clean some interesting items we acquired during the summer and many of them will be on display for the first time at this show. 

Red Deer Christmas Antique, Vintage, Retro Show and Sale, October 19 & 20

For those who like to plan early for Christmas the Carswell's 29th Red Deer Christmas Antique Furniture, Vintage, Retro Show and Sale is a must. We have always enjoyed meeting the out of town folks who flock to this two day show. There are dealers from Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and further east and their tables are always jam packed with interesting collectibles. The La Vogue Vintage workshop is constantly busy with new stock items and you can be sure that we will be showcasing our latest pieces at this show. 

Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market, November 15-17, 22-24, 29 & 30 and  December 1 

We love the thrill of this show, Christmas is in the air, people are happy and jolly and we have the privilege of helping so many people to find special gifts for their loved ones. This will be our fourth year of exhibiting at the show and we enjoy seeing the regular groups of friends spending time together, families enjoying each others company and couples having fun. Most of all we enjoy the conspiring with our customers as they try to secretly buy a meaningful gift without the recipient finding out. 

Friends celebrating Christmas   

If finding locally sourced, designed, crafted, recycled gifts is important to you, then please add these dates to your calendar as you are sure to find what you are looking for if you visit La Vogue Vintage at one of our pop-up stores. 

* Our customers are from all over the world and as such we use both versions of the word jewellery or jewelry.

We never truly own jewelry…

We never truly own jewelry… If jewelry is well made and cared for it will last for generations. When we assist our customers to select a piece of jewelry we ask them to be cognisant of the longevity of the piece. We have heard countless stories from people who have inherited pieces and their eyes light up [...]

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Vintage Pop-Up Store Calendar

Since we opened our showroom earlier in the year, we have had to be selective as to what shows we attend, as you can well imagine there is a lot of work that goes into setting up for these shows. Having said that we are now entering our show season. For the next few months leading up [...]

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Something Old... Repurposed Family Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Repurposed Jewelry to be Worn on a Wedding Day Growing up in a family with a jeweler as my Father and an antique dealer as my Mother, I was always surrounded by beautifully handcrafted jewelry, furniture and décor items. I developed a great appreciation for the skills required to make such treasures. But I think it was playing with [...]

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Part 3: Late Victorian Jewellery Circa 1880-1901

Part 1: Victorian What Does That Mean? Part 2: The Definition of “Victorian” Jewellery The final two decades of Queen Victoria’s reign saw the beginning of great changes within the very fabric of Victorian society. Celebrations for her 50 years on the throne in 1887 saw, at long last, a relaxation of the strict rules of mourning that she had imposed [...]

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The Inspiration of Spring

I recently listened to a discussion on the radio regarding whether people preferred spring or fall. Having listened to the various comments and having given the question much thought, I couldn’t possibly give a definitive answer. I think the two seasons are so diverse and each has something different to offer.Right now, I’m enjoying the chirping of the busy [...]

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Vulcanite and Gutta Percha Vintage Jewellery

It is hard to believe that rubber has been made into jewellery... But its true as there are two substances that were used, Vulcanite and Gutta Percha, both have often been confused with jet and bog oak. Read our blog to find out more about bog oak. These substances were used extensively although not exclusively in [...]

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The Treasure of Mermaids or Gems Worn by Warriors, March Birthstones

Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue gemstone that derives its name from the Latin for “water of the sea” and is one of the two birthstones for the month of March, the other being bloodstone, which we discuss further, below. The subtle colour of aquamarine ranges from a pale, but intense blue to a soft greenish blue due to [...]

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Wedding Anniversaries: Remembering Love

In modern times wedding anniversaries are celebrated with traditional gifts every year on the date of the wedding for the first ten years and every five years thereafter. As well as exchanging gifts it is a time for the couple to reflect on the past and to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other.History tells us that anniversaries [...]

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Jewellery As a Love Token

For centuries jewellery has been given as a token of love. Below is an exploration of some of the more popular vintage jewellery tokens of affection. The LuckenboothA unique, traditional, Scottish love token in the form of heart and double heart brooches given as a symbol of betrothal appeared in 17th century Scotland, although in Europe [...]

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