The Inspiration of Spring

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I recently listened to a discussion on the radio regarding whether people preferred spring or fall. Having listened to the various comments and having given the question much thought, I couldn’t possibly give a definitive answer. I think the two seasons are so diverse and each has something different to offer.

Right now, I’m enjoying the chirping of the busy Robin who seems eager to let me know that there is something quite magnificent around the corner. The promise of new beginnings, of renewed growth. It is this hope of change that I relish, the chance to shed all the layers I have bundled myself into all winter. I look forward to a wardrobe of light airy, fresh fabrics in pretty and delicate colours. The thought of feeling more free and young.

As I cherish this thought of freedom and youth, we at La Vogue Vintage have curated a collection of vintage jewellery to help you feel pretty, young and free again. Whether you are off to bask on a tropical beach, enjoy the company of friends at a BBQ, soak up the atmosphere of the many outdoor festivals or sip a cocktail on a sought after patio, we have a look that will help you embrace what spring has to offer. 

Vintage Amethyst Necklaces

I have used a photograph of a Tulipa ‘Blue Parrot’ to enhance the purple tones of vintage amethyst jewellery. The 9ct rose gold amethyst and pearl necklet is typical of the Edwardian style of jewellery made between 1900 – 1910. This is a lovely collectors piece and would make a great gift for a graduation or 21st.

The sterling silver and amethyst flower pendant strung onto crystal beads, gives a very feminine feel as the crystal beads have a soft powdery hue to them.

The sterling silver pendant on a silver chain has a distinct Art Nouveau style and is set with an amethyst cubic zirconia. 

Vintage Necklaces Inspired by Blue Hues

The pale blue and coral red of the Tulipa ‘Top Parrot’, provides the perfect back drop for various shades of blue hued vintage necklaces we have re-purposed to make them more wearable and desirable.

The process of creating re-purposed jewellery relies on enhancing the characteristics of the original piece and making a connection to the rest of the materials used. This is evident in this collection of blue themed vintage jewels.

The 9ct yellow gold vintage blue paste pendant on crystals is such a piece. We have used the scintillation of the pendant as the inspiration to combine it with blue crystal beads. We handmade the little gold spacers to add contrast and mirror the gold in the pendant.

Feeling a little patriotic? The 1940’s marcasite and sterling silver maple leaf pendant on freshwater pearls with silver spacers is sure to win the heart of the proud Canadian.

The freshwater pearls used in the pearl necklace with the round pearl and silver focal point have a beautiful delicate colour with hues of blues, purples and even shades of pale reds.

The English hallmarked target brooch is made more versatile by the attachment we have handmade. This enables the brooch to be worn on your choice of chain or as in this case freshwater pearls. This is a piece where you can see the essence of what we like to create. We have taken a one dimensional, although beautiful original brooch and enabled it be worn as a necklace or a brooch, yet we have not altered the original form of this collectable piece. 

Collection of Vintage Earrings

Original vintage earrings are always a challenge to find. I'll put money on it that you have at least one odd earring in your jewellery collection. Therefore, I am sure you can appreciate how excited we become when we find original vintage earrings. This collection of original earrings from the 40's and 50's is no exception. 

The 1940's three leaf design sterling silver white enamel earrings still have their original screw fittings. If you are looking for a true vintage look these won't disappoint. 

I love the size and proportions of the sterling silver marcasite flower earrings from the 1940's. If you are a little shy about wearing vintage, these earrings could pass for a modern look too. 

The round pearl and marcasite earrings in a swirl design, are typical of the era. I could imagine Jackie Kennedy wearing such an understated, chic pair of earrings. 

The stylized bunch of grape earrings from the 1950's have a distinct continental feel to them as though the creator was influenced by Spanish or Portuguese culture. 

How about a pair of 1950's butterfly design earrings to truly help you get into the swing of spring. 

Vintage Jewellery Inspired by Green.

The vibrancy of green has to be the epitome of spring. The gold, peridot and diamond pendant on crystal beads echoes this vibrancy and encapsulates the freshness of spring. Colour, texture and form are crucial factors when we create a piece of jewellery. This is evident in this very feminine piece. 

For a functional, petite pretty look, the pair of rolled gold and green paste stone earrings are the perfect accessory to "vintagize" your corporate look.  

A vintage Swarovski crystal sterling silver ring, created in our Calgary based workshop makes a bold, chic statement this spring. 

If you have enjoyed this spring inspired look at vintage jewellery, be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Throughout spring and summer, we will be sharing our inspiration for creating original, re-purposed and one-of-a-kind vintage jewellery.