Vintage Jewelry for Rent, Photoshoot


As you may well know we have a range of vintage jewelry* for rent. We have been using a picture of the British-American actress Jean Simmons as the face of our vintage jewelry for rent range, that is until recently. 

We were given the opportunity to create a series of photographs celebrating our vintage jewelry for rent. With the help of hair and make-up artist Vera Mernacaj of VMernacaj Hair and Makeup and the creative eye of Laurie Brown of Laurie MacBrown Photography, we were able to create astounding results. 

Jewelry for rent photoshoot

Vera's patience and steady hand transferred our model and team member Erica Jago, into our very own modern day 50's Hollywood film star. complete with large sultry eyes. 

Jewelry for rent photoshoot, having fun

This sultry look was further enhanced by Laurie's professional use of light and tricks to get Erica to look relaxed, poised and sensual. 

Not only did we have the pleasure of working with two highly professional ladies, we had so much fun being creative, serious and silly. 

Should you require professional hair and makeup or portrait photographs that are a snap above the rest, we highly recommend these two business women and the services they offer. 

Erica is wearing an original Vendôme Necklace from the 1950's, available for rent

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* Our customers are from all over the world and as such we use both versions of the word jewelry or jewelry.