Jewelry Repair and Restoration


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At La Vogue Vintage we are sensitive to the history of each piece that comes into our jewelry shop and workshop. We know there are memories and sentiment entwined in a piece of jewelry or silverware. As such, our ethos towards jewelry repair, craftsmanship and custom made jewelry is moulded along the lines of restore, rather than just repair. 



Most jewelry shops have access to a workshop that can repair items that have been broken. Depending on the materials involved, these can be simple and straight forward involving the soldering together of precious metals such as silver or gold, the resetting of a loose stone into a collet, the repair of a clasp and the restringing of pearls or beads. Although the tasks may sometimes be simple, skill and knowledge are essential to do the job well and to retain a satisfied and happy customer. A poor jewelry repair can seriously affect the wearability and indeed the value of a special item. Therefore, the craftsman needs to understand the full implications of their work and in addition have a comprehensive working knowledge of the metals, solders and gemstones that they need to use.

The Essentials of Restoration

Jewelry restoration on the other hand, implies that the item be made as good as its original condition. This may include the purchase or manufacture of individual components such as a new collet, clasp, gemstones or a new band in the case of a ring. Generally, this is far more time consuming and requires an in depth knowledge of materials that may no longer be used today as well as an appreciation of the history of the piece and the original techniques used to make it. Skilled, experienced hands are acquired over years of hard work and thus a jewelry repair and jewelry restoration workshop can be difficult to find, as our high tech world is sadly driven by a quick fix desire.


loose-diamonds-1.jpgKnowledge and Skills are Key

In jewelry restoration careful cleaning is often the first and sometimes the only step towards improving an item of jewelry and slowing the ravages of time. Providing, that the treatment is sensitive to what has happened to the piece in the past. Modern techniques and materials, particularly chemicals, can irreparably damage a piece that has already survived for many years and therefore knowledge is the key.

The skills of goldsmiths and silversmiths, gem cutters and enamelling craftsmen have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. It is only in the last hundred years or so that mechanisation has replaced traditional hand crafting, in an effort to mass produce to meet growing demands. However, even today much of the finest bespoke and custom made jewelry is handmade by individual craftsmen, or hand finished to a perfection that is almost impossible to achieve by machine.

La Vogue Vintage has such a jewelry shop and workshop right here in Calgary, Canada.

la-vogue-vintage-team-family-w.jpgOur Team

Our team and family of La Vogue Vintage, Calgary, Canada believe that buying and investing in jewelry and vintage wares should be a pleasurable experience. Each of us in their own right has strived to improve their skills and knowledge over the years to ensure our customers feel confident and relaxed when embarking on a purchase, a jewelry repair, jewelry restoration, or having a piece custom made. 

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about jewelry repair and jewelry restoration, drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can.