Luckenbooth Brooch


A unique, traditional, Scottish love token in the form of heart and double heart brooches given as a symbol of betrothal appeared in 17th century Scotland, although in Europe the association of hearts with love, dates from medieval times. The brooches were usually made from silver, often surmounted by a crown and sometimes inscribed with a message of love.

The name luckenbooth refers to the locked wooden booths once situated on the Royal Mile close to St. Giles church in Edinburgh, Scotland. The small lockable stalls or workshops were among the first permanent workshops dating from the 15th century. They were finally demolished in 1817 but had traditionally been occupied by the silversmiths who made these love tokens.

A variation of this type of brooch takes the form of an entwined double M also surmounted by a crown and referred to as a Mary brooch in reference to their association with Mary, Queen of Scots. The queen is said to have given such brooches as gifts to her “four maries” or ladies-in-waiting.

The brooches remained popular during the 18th and 19th centuries and are very collectable today, although becoming more and more difficult to find.

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