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La Vogue Vintage Workshop

La Vogue Vintage: A Traditional Workshop 

The traditional jewelry workshop such as the one at La Vogue Vintage still uses techniques developed over the centuries. La Vogue Vintage favours handmade jewelry over mass production and high tech design and as a result history is entwined with an emphasis on traditional methods and the rich rewards of fine craftsmanship. More than fifty years of knowledge and skills development have been crystallized into the hands of our craftsmen to bring an understanding of antique and modern jewelry as well as the techniques required for the restoration of non-precious metal works of art.

La Vogue Vintage Workshop - jewellery mold

One of our workshop strengths is it’s ability to restore damaged or worn items of jewelry back to their former glory, even after a less experienced Jeweler has compounded the original problem. The skills do not stop there, La Vogue Vintage restored a suit of armour, including the chain mail for a prominent client a number of years ago. A film award for Goldie Hawn was another interesting challenge as the piece had to represent original film and sprockets, and the manufacture of the platinum metal components for a bikini made from platinum mesh to be worn by the 1974 Miss World for a platinum promotion to demonstrate the versatility of the precious metal was another unusual project. Several commissions to design and make settings for the Sterns Star, at the time the largest brilliant cut diamond in the world, soon followed which was also a great design feat to make a setting for a single diamond of such size.

The workshop has risen to the challenge of many unusual requests from clients over the years, too many to mention. One involved a flight to Serowe the final resting place of Sir Seretse Khama, the first president of Botswana, at the request of his widow Lady Ruth Khama. Lady Khama wanted special plaques made and engraved to his memory, to be erected at his ancestral home. 

The versatility and flexibility of our workshop enables La Vogue Vintage to follow current fashion and style trends and to bring our clients unique yet trendy creations for personal adornment and also bespoke home décor items.

Some of Our Services Include

  • Repair and restoration of modern and antique jewelry.     
  • Remodelling of vintage and modern jewelry.
  • Restringing and redesign of necklaces.
  • Restoration and repair of silver, bronze, spelter, copper and brass items.
  • Replication of furniture hardware: handles, locks, brackets and finials.
  • Checking of all claw jewelry settings.
  • Jewelry polishing and cleaning—let us clean your jewelry before the big occasion.

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