Pair of oval 14ct yellow gold shell cameo earrings.

Pair of 14ct Yellow Gold Shell Cameo Earrings

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Product Description

Pair of oval 14ct yellow gold shell cameo earrings depicting a left and a right facing ladies profile, with her hair cascading down her delicate neck. 

The shell cameos are set in a fine rub round setting and dangle from a screw back fitting.

The screw back fittings can easily be changed to lever back fittings. We have decided to keep them in their original condition until we have a request to change them. 

These earrings compliment an oval 14ct gold shell cameo pendant, click here for details. 

The classic look of these cameos are sure to bring lots of joy to the person looking for some vintage chic. 

Date: circa 1940's

Condition: Good

Weight: 3.7 grams

Dimensions: 9.6mm x 18.6mm

Identification Marks: earring fittings are stamped 585


Did you Know? 

  1. The demand for cameos was so great from 1780 to 1880 that the range of materials used was expanded to include coral, ivory, jet, malachite, lava from Mount Vesuvius, whale bone and even meerschaum.
  2. The Italian shell cameo industry was established in Sicily around 1805.
  3. Glyptography is a highly skilled art form carving a design on a gemstone either in intaglio or in cameo, the glyptographer being the artist who practices the skill.


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