Art Deco paste dress clip re-purposed into a pendant.

Peach Colour Coin Pearls and Art Deco Pendant

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Product Description

Art Deco paste dress clip re-purposed into a pendant and strung onto peach tone freshwater coin pearls. 

The coin pearls are 13mm in diameter and have a magical iridescent luster.  

The Art Deco dress clip has a variation in colour of rustic tones which compliment the peach coloured pearls. 

A delightful up-cycled piece that would compliment a flowing summer dress. 

Date: circa 1930's, pendant

Condition: good

Weight: 52.5 grams

Length: 48 cm 

Did You Know?

  1. Art Deco is a decorative style that reached its height in the 1920's and 30's and emphasized abstract designs and geometric patterns.
  2. Freshwater pearls are found in fresh water oysters that inhabit rivers and lakes.
    1. The most well-known are those from lake Biwa, a large freshwater lake in Japan.
    2. These too are cultured by the Japanese and now the Chinese, although large quantities are produced naturally.
    3. Freshwater pearls are not as expensive as salt water pearls, mainly because they do not have as many natural enemies, and also one oyster may yield many pearls.
    4. These pearls have a high lustre and occur naturally with very attractive hues.