A 1960's platinum cocktail ring set with round brilliant cut diamonds amethyst.

Platinum Amethyst and Diamond Ring

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Product Description

A 1960's platinum cocktail ring set with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds 0.055ct-0.06ct, colour G and clarity VVS2 - VS1 and 24 marquise shaped diamonds, 0.06ct-0.063ct, colour G-H and VVs2-Vs1 in clarity and one 9mmx7mm oval amethyst, medium colour purple. 

The amethyst is claw set in the centre of the ring with 12 brilliant cut diamonds set below with a circle of 12 marquise shaped diamonds slightly below and a third circle of 12 marquise shaped diamonds below that, creating a tiered effect, allowing each stone's full scintillation to be observed. 

For the lady who enjoys a little sparkle this magnificent ring, with its cool colours, will complete an outfit.  

Date: 1960's 

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 9.8 gm

Total Estimated Diamond Weight: 2.28 ct

Identification: Stamped PLAT inside the shank

Size: USA & Canada 6, UK & Australia L 1/2, Europe 52.

Should an adjustment be required we will try to accommodate your request. Please email Erica@LaVogueVintage.com to discuss further.

An appraisal is available upon request. 

Did You Know?

  1.  About Platinum 
    1. One of the heaviest and most valuable metals 
    2. First discovered in 1557 by Julius Scaligerk an Italian Scientist. 
    3. It has a high melting point (1773.5 Celsius or 3190 Fahrenheit) and is difficult to anneal or solder.
    4. It wasn't until the late 1880's with the improvement of jewelers equipment, that platinum become popular for diamond settings. 
    5. Platinum is a more expensive metal and as it grew in popularity white gold become popular as a less expensive option.