Posy Holders: Fresh Flowers to Wear

4-handmade-posy-holders-front-1.jpgA posy holder is a small funnel or trumpet shaped container made to hold a posy or nosegay of flowers that can be worn on a dress or jacket. They were usually made from silver, silver plate, porcelain and at times even gold and set with gemstones. The little bunches of flowers and sometimes herbs were worn by men and women during the 15th century to ward off various diseases, and even the plague as it spread throughout Europe.

As towns and cities grew in the 17th and 18th centuries the aromatic flowers were worn to disguise the street smells in the urban sprawl that did not enjoy the benefits of water born sanitation, other than open streams, drains and gutters. During the 19th century the little flower holders were worn as a statement of fashion but this became less fashionable after the turn of the century in Europe. ffeec8446df7c7a7224a052a2969a071.jpg

In America the term tussie-mussie rather than posy was used, tussie being a knot of flowers and mussie referring to the damp moss placed in the holder to keep the flowers fresh. The flowers were inserted into the holder with the stems pushed into the narrow end with the flowers visible from the top wide end, and if necessary held in place with twisted pins. The holder could be attached to the garment with a brooch pin or a stick pin with a clutch at the base to hold it in place. 

Originally the flower holders could be worn from a chatelaine at the waist with a chain attached and a ring at the end to hook onto the chatelaine so that the holder hung down onto the skirts. Alternatively the attached chain could have a finger ring at the end so that it could be worn from the finger while dancing. In Victorian times the flowers may have been a gift from an admirer or betrothed and therefore could be considered a token of love. 

In more recent times these little flower holders have been adapted so that a fashionable, modern lady or stylish man can wear a floral touch with flair and panache.

La Vogue Vintage can custom make a posy holder with vintage style or modern dash for the man or lady who has everything or for the adventurous bridegroom.