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Vintage jewelry online Calgary

For as long as we can remember our family has had an insatiable love and admiration for jewelry*. Every aspect of this amazing creative art form has fascinated us. Whether it's admiring bakelite jewelry from the 1920’s, marvelling at diamonds worn by Catherine the Great of Russia, appreciating the delicate detail of a portrait miniature pendant from the late 16 th century or learning about modern manmade gemstones. We enjoy it all.

Not only do we showcase original antique and vintage pieces we also take great pride in restoring treasures to their former glory. We may re-purpose a piece to make it more appealing for our ever fast paced life style, or create our own unique pieces using gemstones that we have collected over the past 40 years.

In our vintage jewelry online Calgary shop we showcase our ever-changing vintage jewelry collection which we continually strive to improve and update. Most of the items online are unique. We might have pieces that are similar, but once sold, they cannot be replaced by an exact replica.

Our quest is to source treasures for our global customers that speak to the soul. Colour, texture, craftsmanship and the pure delight the piece exudes, influences this jewelry online Calgary store. Since we have traveled extensively and lived in a number of different countries, other cultures and their appreciation of beautiful things has shaped our eye for what is truly special. It is our early roots in the United Kingdom, that shapes the overall appeal of our online vintage jewelry collection.


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* Our customers are from all over the world and as such we use both versions of the word jewelry or jewelry.