Sterling silver swish pendant set with a freshwater button pearl.

Silver Pearl Pendant on Hematite and Pearls

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Product Description

Sterling silver swish pendant set with a 7.6mm freshwater button pearl with cream to slight rose hue and a high luster. 

The pendant is strung onto 4mm cream button freshwater pearls and 2.9mm hematite beads

A sterling silver clutch clasp is attached 

For a sophisticated uncluttered look this necklace will offer the executive a feminine touch. 

Date: Modern

Condition: New

Weight: 13.4 gm 

Length: 44cm

Dimensions: 22mm x 19mm 

Identification Marks: Clasp and pendant are stamped 925

Did You Know?

  1. Silver
    1. Is the whitest of metals, harder than gold and softer than copper. 
    2. It is classified as a "noble" metal due to its resistance to oxidation. 
    3. Sterling silver contains 925 parts of fine silver with 75 other parts usually made of copper.
  2. Pearls
    1. Pearls are an organic substance. 
    2. Pearls can become damaged by acid found in cosmetics.
    3. Great care should be taken when wearing pearls, they should be one of the last things you put on before you leave the house. 
    4. Have a look at our blog for more details on how to care for your jewelry. 
  3. Hematite 
    1. Is a dense and hard iron oxide. 
    2. It is believed Hematite is good for grounding and protecting. 
  4. Pearl Restringing
    1. At La Vogue Vintage we do all our own pearl and bead restringing. We use silk, as we feel it provides the best quality for the longevity of the piece. We also knot our necklaces for additional strength and durability.
    2. We extend this stringing service to our customers and we would be happy to assist you with your pearl restringing requirements.