Victorian mother of pearl and rolled gold embellished fob chain

SOLD Victorian Mother of Pearl and Rolled Gold Fob Chain

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Product Description

Victorian mother of pearl and rolled gold embellished fob chain, with seven 24mm oblong ornate links set either side with iridescent mother of pearl, interspersed with six round links with an x motif in the middle. 

A dog clip is attached one end to accommodate a fob watch or pocket watch and the other end a seal could be attached. 

On a separate 12mm chain joined in a tri-link fitting hangs a t-bar at a right angle to the fob chain, enabling the fob chain to be attached to the button hole of a waistcoat or vest.  

For the pocket watch enthusiast or collector this magnificent pocket watch chain is a must have. 


Date: circa 1880

Condition: Excellent 

Weight: 34 gm

Length: 32cm 


What is a fob chain? 

  1. Fob originally referred to a small pocket, in particular a man's small pocket in his trousers above the waistband, in which a pocket watch was carried. 
  2. When it became a custom to wear a watch on a chain the word fob became associated with the chain, hence fob chain.