Sterling silver and malachite bead necklace.

Sterling Silver Malachite Necklace and Pendant

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Product Description

Sterling silver and malachite bead necklace from which is suspended a striking malachite oval pendant within a plain silver frame.

The pendant exhibits concentric banding of black and green and some of the beads display intricate patterns that are typical of this beautiful gemstone.

The necklace is strung with knots and is fastened by a sterling silver clasp and interspersed with sterling silver round and barrel shaped beads.

The malachite beads have been hand polished in Africa, creating much needed revenue for a rural community. 

Casual and yet bold this unusual necklace can be worn with confidence for any occasion or just for the fun of it. 

Date: Modern

Condition: Good

Weight: 18 grams

Length: 41.5 cm

Identification Marks: Clasp stamped 925