Faceted peridot beads add sparkle and life to this necklet.

Sterling Silver Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst Necklet

(CAD) $260.00
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Product Description

Faceted citrine, amethyst and peridot claw set in sterling silver and strung onto peridot faceted beads. 

A feminine and pretty piece, ideal for wearing on hot summer days. 


We have a large selection of gemstone set jewellery, please send us an email if you are looking for something in particular. 


Condition: new

Weight: 17.2 grams

Length: 17.75 inches or 45 cm 


Did You Know?


  1. The word peridot is French and derived from the Arabic word Faridat, which means gem. 
  2. The iron content in peridot determines the colour. 
  3. The colour can range from a pale golden green to a brownish red. 
  4. The most valued colour is a rich green. 
  5. In ancient times peridot was believed to keep away evil spirits and today it's still believed to be a proactive stone for the aura.