Victorian Pinchbeck collar or necklace with interlinking pierced links.

Victorian Pinchbeck Collar or Necklace

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Product Description

Victorian Pinchbeck collar or necklace with interlinking pierced links with a geometric pattern interspersed with a plain solid link. 

A bolt ring is attached with 3 interlocking links attached to a T-bar suspended from the bolt ring.  

With the aid of the bolt ring the collar can be worn in four different ways: 

  1. The 3 interlocking links attached to the T-bar, hanging down from the collar. 
  2. The bolt ring at the font of the collar.
  3. The bolt ring at the front of the collar with another trinket suspended from the bolt ring, for example a locket, seal or medal. 
  4. Finally the bolt ring could be turned to the back of the neck showcasing the collar only.  

For a distinctly antique look and an incredible sense of vintage chic, this collar could be worn during the day with a chic blouse or in evening with a lovely cocktail dress. 

Date: circa 1880

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 29.2 grams

Length: 51cm to tip of t-bar, 18.5cm without the t-bar attachment 



Did you Know? 

  1. Christopher Pinchbeck invented a metal that looked like gold. 
  2. In 1720 he created an alloy of copper and zinc that resembled gold in appearance. 
  3. Pinchbeck was used over the next one hundred and thirty years to make watch cases, chatelaines, buckles, snuff boxes, etuis and other jewellery pieces.
  4. To find out more about Pinchbeck read out blog, All that Glitters May Not be Gold; The Marvel of Pinchbeck