Onyx necklace with a Victorian oval vulcanite hinged locket.

Victorian Vulcanite and Onyx Necklace

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Product Description

Onyx necklace with a Victorian oval vulcanite hinged locket, centered by a small gilt metal Maltese cross, which opens to reveal a richly embellished interior.

Strung and knotted onto round onyx and gilt metal beads with a silver gilt clasp.

Vulcanite is a type of rubber and was often used as a less expensive substitute for jet.

It was a popular substance for creating mourning jewellery in the late 1800’s.

Today it is highly collectable. 

A great example of skilled craftsmanship even though the vulcanite is not intrinsically valuable. 

Wear this antique to give your corporate look at sense of style. 

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Date: Mid 1880's 

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 13.3 gm

Length: 48 cm

Dimensions: 23mm x 27mm, locket 

Additional Comment: Pieces like this are becoming more and more difficult to find. Once we have sold this piece we will not be able to replace it. The new owner of this gem, will be hard pushed to find anyone else wearing something similar.