Vintage 9ct yellow gold oval shell cameo ring.

Vintage 9ct Yellow Gold Oval Shell Cameo Ring

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Product Description

Vintage 9ct yellow gold oval shell cameo ring, the shell cameo is carved with a pretty lady with cascading hair and fine features. 

The galleried head is detailed and intricate with swags and swirls on the shoulders which extend to a tapered 2mm "D-shaped" band. 

The style of the setting and the cameo suggests a strong southern European influence in the design.  

Cameos have always been a firm favorite of ours and we love the variation in the pieces we find. 

We do think this cameo is exceptionally pretty and will make someone very happy. 

Enjoy wearing a classic piece of vintage chic.   

Date: 1940's

Condition: Excellent 

Weight: 6.4 gm

Identification: Stamped 14K inside shank

Size: 6 USA & Canada

Should an adjustment be required we will try to accommodate your request. Please email to discuss further. 


Did you Know? 

  1. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, shell cameos became increasingly popular to the extent that mollusc shells rapidly became the material of choice and are today synonymous with the art form.
  2. As shells were comparatively inexpensive and easier to carve, larger pieces came onto the market as well as matching sets of jewellery.
  3. Since the late 18th century three main types of shell have been used: the helmut shells, conches and the cowrie shells, as they were the most readily available and were the most successful substitutes for hardstones.
  4. The Italian shell cameo industry was established in Sicily around 1805 and thereafter expanded to Naples and Rome where suitable materials became more available.
  5. To find out more about cameo's read a 3-part blog, Part One of Three: The History of the Cameo